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“What will happen on my first visit?” This seems to be what everyone wants to know before they will even take one step in the door. This is certainly understandable if you’ve never been to see a chiropractor before. If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before or even if you have and you are searching for a new chiropractor you likely already have a lot of questions. So let’s talk about what will happen on your very first visit to my office.


Our consultation is always free. In this time we will see if you and I can be a team, so we can achieve the goals you want. During the initial consultation, we’re going to sit down and you will have a chance to tell me all about your health problem. I want to know how it started, what it feels like, what you’ve done about it so far, and what may have worked before… even if it was just temporarily.


The exam is vital. It is a exam based on neurology, spinal biomechanics and posture. If it also is a Nutritional consult, then it will also include assessment forms and blood work. The results of the exam and x-rays will reveal if I accept your case. I don’t accept every patient. Only the ones I know I can help with a positive outcome. For those I can not help, I will instruct you what specific doctor you need to visit. “Are X-rays needed?” Simple answer- Yes. There are times when a child will not need them. Or If you have any recent x-rays. The x-rays are needed to visualize your spine. I refer all my x-rays to radiology facility near my office. Once the radiologist clears you from anything that would have to be referred out, I examine your x-rays looking for spinal deviations that effect your nervous system. If you want corrective care, then x-rays are a must. At the end of your first visit, you will be scheduled for a report of findings visit. This follow up visit is a second consultation in which I go over the results of your examinations and tests. More importantly, I will also explain exactly what you have and how I can help. All of your treatment and financial options will be explained in detail at this time.


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