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Chiropractic Staten Island NY Asthma

While chiropractic does not cure asthma, asthma sufferers who have sought out alternative treatments can testify to an upturn in their condition as a result of chiropractic care in Staten Island NY. There is a great deal of research that indicates a link between the nervous system and the respiratory system. Since the spinal column houses the spinal cord, which is an essential part of the nervous system, treating the spinal column can have a positive impact on the respiratory system.

Causes Of Asthma in Staten Island NY

Asthma seems to be on the rise in the US, and it affects around 22 million people in our country. Asthma is generally characterized by coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest discomfort or pain. Some people exhibit chronic symptoms, while others are only affected during short periods of time when they have asthma attacks. Still others only notice symptoms when they are ill or exercising. Asthma flare-ups are caused by a variety of triggers. While the precise causes of the condition have yet to be discovered, it is known that these triggers result in the airways inflaming, narrowing, and filling with mucus. Asthma triggers are immensely diverse, but include smoking, exercise, sinus infection, and allergies. The pertinent question is this: If all these factors were the only things influencing asthma, wouldn't all people living in the same house with the same triggers be affected? While this would make sense, it's not the case. It is up to us to determine the differences in an asthma sufferer's makeup that cause his symptoms.

Asthma And Chiropractic

The diaphragm is a sheet of muscle between the thoracic cavity and the abdominal cavity, and this muscle performs an essential role in many bodily functions, but especially in breathing. The diaphragm is controlled by nerves that run through the spinal column, and disturbances to the spine in certain areas can greatly interfere with the diaphragm's performance. Spinal adjustment can resolve these disturbances, thereby improving diaphragm function and providing relief from asthma symptoms.


The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research published a study that dealt with 81 asthmatic children who were given chiropractic treatment. During the two months of care, the study subjects had a 45% decrease in the number of asthma attacks. In addition, 31% of test cases decreased their asthma medication under their own discretion. These highly promising results prove the value of chiropractic care in asthma sufferers.

Explore Your Options

Asthma is a serious condition with life-altering effects, and chiropractic can assist in providing respite from its symptoms. If vertebral subluxation is causing or contributing to the severity of your asthma symptoms, chiropractic care may be what is missing from your treatment regimen. We want to help you on a path to improved breathing, so don't hesitate to contact our clinic today. Together we can explore your options and find out if chiropractic is the solution you've been searching for.

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