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Chiropractor Staten Island NY Steve GuagliardoDr. Steve Guagliardo was born and raised in Great Kills, Staten Island. In 1986 he graduated from The College Of Staten Island with a B.S. in Biology and in 1989 Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa.

Dr. Steve Guagliardo has been practicing 28 years with the focus of spinal correction, wellness and functional medicine. Dr. Steve Guagliardo resolved to dedicate his practice to the treatment of chronic conditions- such as autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, disc herniations, stenosis, vertigo, numbness, insomnia/sleep disorders, migraine headaches and peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Guagliardo’s passion for natural solutions to health started with his son Steven. Steven was diagnosed with a autoimmune disease 10 years ago. The medical profession had no answers. Dr. Guagliardo was determined to help his son, and by doing so, after many years of research, education and certifications, Dr. Guagliardo learned how to treat many other conditions naturally. Dr. Steve has logged hundreds of hours in post-graduate study of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and Metabolic testing and treatment under Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C., M.S., F.A.A.C.P., D.A.C.B.N., Completed 200 hours at Functional Medicine University and studied and mentored by Dr. Michael L. Johnson the author of “You Can Beat Thyroid Disorders Naturally” and “ What Do You Do When Medicines Don’t Work”. He is also a certified CBP (chiropractic Biophysics Practitioner) specializing in the correction of posture and adverse spinal cord compressions.

The bottom line: Dr. Guagliardo does proper diagnostic testing to find the cause and underlying triggers for a client’s condition. The client can then be brought back into metabolic and neurological balance through nutrition, supplementation, chiropractic with a functional neurology approach, and other means. This treatment supports and fixes the problem rather than just suppressing a client’s symptoms with drugs. There is HOPE out there for anyone who wants to get his or her health back.

Post Graduate Work:

  • Chiropractic Biophysics –Advanced Spinal Correction- Certified
  • Kennedy Spinal Decompression- Graduate and Certification
  • American Functional Neurology Institute- Graduate and Certification
  • Post-doctoral Mastering the Thyroid Certification
  • Functional Endocrinology
  • Functional Blood Analysis
  • Neurotransmitter and Brain certification
  • Neuroendocrinology / Immunology

Dr. Guagliardo continues to serve as an example to his patients by following a strict workout schedule that includes weightlifting & cardiovascular work, taking supplements faithfully, keeping a gluten free diet and routine chiropractic care

Dr. Guagliardo is a big believer in education and the belief that the application of knowledge is power. With this attitude he is driven to educate his clients and people in his community that there is HOPE to their chronic conditions.

And he stands on firm ground that GOD created us. That HE has a purpose for you. It is Dr. Steve’s purpose for you to BE healthy now and for you to have the energy and health to live the life you were designed to live.



Chiropractic Staten Island NY Staten Island Wellness Care AndreaFor over a year and a half, Andrea has been a key member of the Staten Island Wellness Care team. As a dedicated member of the team, Andrea engages patients on a personal level and focuses on their health and well-being by assisting Dr. Steve in the various therapies and techniques that we use here in our office . She has a true passion for holistic nutrition and natural approaches and strives to help educate our patients by increasing awareness of our mission.


Maria - Chiropractic Assistant and office manager

Chiropractic Staten Island NY MariaThis October, I will be celebrating my 20th year working with Dr. Steve as his Chiropractic Assistant/Office Manager.  What began as a part time job while my children were in school became a full time labor of love.  I have always been a fervent believer in the healing power of Chiropractic as a patient since early childhood; however, seeing its positive effects on so many patients over the course of these years has turned me into an advocate.  My goal is to help people see that they do not have to rely on pain killers and surgery as a cure for all.  Choosing a natural way to heal and get out of pain, while correcting your problem, is a far better choice.  In addition, to Chiropractic care, our office has been counseling patients regarding their Nutrition for many years with great success.  There is nothing better than seeing patients who are committed to their programs coming into our office with huge smiles and loose clothing!  I, personally, have experienced both.  The programs we offer are individualized for each person’s health issues and goals.  No cookie-cutter programs for our patients … and that makes all the difference!


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