Chiropractic Testimonials

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Donna: "In 1987, I sustained a severe neck injury. After many years of chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture, with limited success, I was referred to Dr. Steve by a friend about 15 years ago. After a thorough examination, he set upon a course of treatment that has provided me with more relief than all the previous years of therapy combined. Dr. Steve is a good listener and flexible with treatment options to ensure maximum benefit. His positive attitude, hands-on skill, and good humor are very comforting. Dr. Steve never stops researching new methods for the benefit of his patients. His care is professional and at the same time friendly and personalized to each patient. He is, to sum up, a very good man who does his very best to improve the quality of life of each and every person who comes through his doors."
Don: "In 1995, while working on my roof, I injured my lower back. I had gone to two other chiropractors who contrasted in their methods of treatment, neither of which provided relief. One of my co-workers recommended Dr. Steve. From the first meeting, which consisted of a full examination and discussion of my problem, he said the words I was hoping to hear: "I can get you back to 90%". As it turned out I had two herniated discs and I appreciated his honesty as to the prognosis. Many would have said "Yeah, I can fix it" as did the previous two therapists. And Dr. Steve did just as he had promised. With my being involved in home repairs, Dr. Steve continually repairs ME and keeps me able to continue my physical activities. After Super Storm Sandy Dr. Steve, using his laser equipment, was able to successfully treat my injured shoulder and forearm without surgery. My shoulder is presently as strong as ever thanks to him. He is my "go-to guy."

- Don & Donna B.

"Definitely an amazing chiropractor, fixes my back/ neck problems like no other. I most certainly recommend Dr. Steve to anyone with any back/ joint problems, he really is a healer, not to mention a joker!"

- Vincenzo & Laura M.

"I have seen at least five chiropractors for two reoccurrences of sciatica in the past three years. Most of the time all they would do for me would be an adjustment maybe once a month and give me a TENS treatment with a heating pad. I would see the chiropractor for maybe five minutes who would evaluate me and then instruct their attendants on what to do. After 2 1/2 months with no adjustments and nothing but that same routine and no real improvement, I decided to take the advice of a friend and go see Steve. I am very glad that I did. Treatment at his office is like night and day compared to other offices. Steve ordered x-rays right away whereas the other chiropractors said that no matter what was wrong they would still do the same treatment. Well, that was actually a true statement. All they would do would be a heating pad and a TENS treatment. I have a herniated disc and a degenerative spine as well as arthritis in my hip. I am going for spinal decompression therapy three times a week which includes an adjustment each time. So far I am happy with how I am beginning to feel. I have numbness and nerve pain in my foot from the last sciatic episode. That seems to be improving little by little. The staff is wonderful and the appointments are easy to get and I am taken without a long wait. I appreciate Steve's nutritional guidance and plan to improve my spine health."

- Patricia P.

"After 12 years of chemotherapy treatment, I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy. I started to suffer with nightmarish numbness and tingling in my feet, toes, ankles, thighs, and upper extremities. The best way to describe this feeling is like being stung by hundreds of bees at one time. This made it extremely difficult for me to get up out of bed or a chair and also into the car. After many horrible years of suffering, I recently came across an ad from Staten Island Wellness Care on Facebook regarding Neuropathy and many other disorders. I made an appointment and met with Dr. Steve who saw how badly I was suffering by using various tests and he determined how severe the Neuropathy was. I started treatment just about 1 month ago and after a series of treatments, I am feeling a lot better! I'm now able to walk for a longer period of time! I can get out of my bed and chair with a lot more ease and was even able to get in and out of my daughter's SUV truck.. WITHOUT HELP! Every employee here at Dr. Steve's office including the doctor himself is very caring and concerned with each patient's wellbeing. It's like one big family here and I also feel less depressed since I've started treatment. Before becoming a patient I had no desire to get out of bed because of all the pain I was in which caused me to feel very depressed. If you are suffering from any chronic diseases like Peripheral Neuropathy I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Dr. Steve ASAP! You will be glad you did!"

- Carole C.

"I found Dr. Steve online after receiving injection therapy from my orthopedist with only temporary results for the extreme pain I was having on my left knee. I went for a consultation with Dr. Steve and he was very optimistic about helping me, he explained in detail what he does and the different medical machines he uses to manage pain - he diagnosed the root cause ( after having X-rays) of the imbalance and showed me what he could do from the first treatment I started to feel better -I couldn't put my heel on the ground and was able to after the first complimentary treatment !!! - I started an 18-session treatment and am amazed that the pain and ability to walk straight have been restored! I actually ran to catch the ferry and was terrified I had undone everything but the pain did not return ( I don't recommend running) but sometimes things happen to like not wanting to miss the ferry! I would recommend Dr. Steve and his staff for the management of most pain -its noninvasive, and nonaddictive, he listens and addresses changes or comments made to assist with the process, Maria and Andrea are wonderful very professional, and attentive the office is clean and flow of patients is timely I'm not one to write reviews but the outcome for me has been so positive that I felt I needed to share and acknowledge a really great practice!"

- Daisy F.

"Dr. Guagliardo's treatments drastically improved the herniated and bulging discs in my neck and increased my quality of life. The removal of pain and restoration of movement is a great feelings. If any issues with my spinal health were to occur in the future, I would go to Dr. Guagliardo for treatment without hesitation."

- Eric R.

"My time spent with Dr. Steve was very positive. While a little skeptical at first, I was put well at ease with my initial visit. I had been suffering from knee pain for a long while but after 15 visits my pain was gone and I feel good again. Dr. Steve is an excellent chiropractor with extensive experience. His staff of two, Maria and Andrea, are the most helpful people you could ever meet. Thank you, Dr. Steve, and your staff, for all you've done."

- Maryann W.

"I've been a patient for over 16 years. About two weeks ago I severely hurt my back. I couldn't move, dress, stand, or sit. I was missing work and needed help! I went to Dr. Steve three times a week for two weeks and while I will continue treatment, the vast improvement is amazing! I went back to work., and while following Dr. Steve's instructions has been relatively pain-free. Thank you Dr. Steve for being so amazing!"

- Patricia K.

"Both my husband Vinny and I are very grateful to Dr. Steve and his staff. While we were going to him (though skeptical in the beginning) we were treated with the utmost respect and care. We first started because of Vinny's neuropathy and found that there were other options besides prescription medication to deal with this condition. Though Vinny still has the neuropathy, he has come off of unnecessary scripts that may have been contributing more to it and also may have been causing other problems and he now handles it better and with less discomfort. His patients that we met were very happy to be there as were we. Hope to see everyone in the near future."

- Patty P.

"Last year I started having pain in my left hip. My son, who is a patient of Dr. Steve's, recommended that I make an appointment with him. Dr. Steve found from my x-rays that the problem I was having in my hips was actually stemming from my lower back. Shortly after my diagnosis, I started my Chiropractic treatment with Dr. Steve and I now no longer suffer from that pain! I was doing so well that my weekly treatments had been reduced from 2 times a week to 1 time and then every other week. Recently, I began having terrible pain in my left knee and swelling in my ankle. I was told by an orthopedic doctor that I had a Baker's Cyst, so he recommended that I go for an MRI. The results showed that the Baker's Cyst had ruptured, causing swelling in my ankle. The MRI also showed that I had a torn Meniscus. The orthopedic doctor basically told me that unless the cyst would get any bigger there was nothing he would do and that I had to live with it. I told Dr. Steve about the pain that I was having with my knee, especially from the torn Meniscus and thankfully, he told me he could help me. By the third treatment, I was already able to walk without pain. I am now in my 10th treatment and feel 98% better! I am happy to say that I am able to go up and down the stairs again without pain. Dr. Steve has truly helped me even when I was told I had to live with my issues. He is a wonderful and caring person and I highly recommend that you make an appointment with him."

- Betty L.F.

"Being a patient at Dr. Steve's practice is like becoming a member of his family. He is truly concerned about his patients, knows everyone by name, and puts his full effort into helping everyone to feel as good as their bodies allow. It is a welcoming environment where we feel more than patients but also friends. Maria and Andrea work closely with Dr. Steve to ensure each person gets personal care. My husband and I have been to several chiropractors in the past but have never received as much information and care, including nutritional and personal guidance as we do at Dr. Steve's office. If you are hurting and are seeking help, we suggest you contact Dr. Steve. He will never stop trying until he finds the right solution to your problem. Don & Elaine Moresco."

- Elaine M.

"Earlier in 2015, I met with Dr. Steve regarding my diabetic peripheral neuropathy. He put me on a nutritional plan ( the do's & the don'ts of foods) and then I began therapy. It took a few months before I realized that his nutritional guidance and therapy were working. His methods do work, but as with any therapy, it takes a little time before you see results. I no longer have feet and leg pain that use to keep me up at night. Dr. Steve's staff (Maria & Andrea) are top-notch. The wellness of patients is their primary concern. How they keep up with the needs of so many of Dr. Steve's patients is amazing. Finally, Dr. Steve's family of patients makes your visit most enjoyable. I rate Dr. Steve five stars plus!"

- Joseph C.

"Back in 2008 I had the honor of giving back to my Mom something she had given me and that was a chance to help take care of each other. There came a time in late 2010 when my lower back wouldn't allow me to do it anymore. A friend recommended I go see his Chiropractor (Dr. Steve). I was very skeptical of the Chiropractic field until I met & started seeing Dr. Steve. He explained to me what my problem was so that I could understand it and had a plan for treatment. I was able to continue helping take care of my Mom until her passing in February 2011. I continue to go to Dr. Steve for maintenance (as I would say). He is a genuine and caring person who puts his patients first. His staff of Maria & Andrea are excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Steven Guagliardo to any who needs to see a Chiropractor."

- Edward A.

"From March of 2013 to November 2014, I had gone to many "specialists" in hopes of a diagnosis. I was told by various types of doctors that I would need total shoulder replacement surgery. I then saw an advertisement in the Staten Island Advance about Dr. Steve Guagliardo and made an appointment. Before receiving treatment from him I was unable to turn my head, neck, and shoulders to any degree. I was experiencing a great deal of pain when raising my arms, making it extremely difficult while dressing, pushing shopping carts, etc. Driving was especially difficult for me because I could not even raise my arms high enough to hold the steering wheel properly. In addition, sleeping was also an issue. Since coming to Dr. Steve I am already seeing and feeling amazing results! My sleeping issues have been resolved. I used to sleep on and off throughout the night but now I'm getting a full 8 hours of restful sleep because I am pain-free! I am able to turn my head and shoulders much more freely and can properly place my hands on the steering wheel. I am also doing the things I love like gardening without pain! Lastly, my head has always felt like a balloon about to burst and I've always had a problem swallowing because of swollen glands-but no more all thanks to Dr. Steve!! I want to thank Maria and Andrea for all their help and encouraging words which helped me greatly! I especially want to thank you Dr. Steve for giving me back my quality of life! God Bless you."

- Rosemarie F.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Steve's for years now, however, it took me a while to finally listen to my wife and come in to see him. All I can say is, what took me so long? I have received the highest level of treatment from him and I have a broad spectrum of issues, some of which include effects of diabetes, like peripheral neuropathy. In addition to any issues from life in general, Dr. Steve also has helped me with changing my nutritional lifestyle, which lead me to lose weight and feel and look better than I had in years. If you are seeking a healthcare professional that will take the time to find the "cause" of your problems, Dr. Steve is your man. He treats everyone with the greatest care and goes out of his way to help you achieve your health goals."

- Peter A.

"One of the greatest things that happened to me was meeting Dr. Steve Guagliardo. He has helped me immensely with my back and knee pain. I walk much better now and the pain that I was suffering from is virtually gone. My sleeping habits have also improved and I am now getting a full night's sleep. I have also met so many nice people at the office and it makes me feel so much better to see others also getting help from Dr. Steve. He is very conscientious and extremely caring. He will spend a great amount of time with each patient and he goes above and beyond to help your personal needs. I highly recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Steve. Thank you, Dr. Steve!"

- Rosalie S.

"I first heard about Dr. Steve through my coworker Liz G who raved about him and urged me to make an appointment. I had been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis which landed me in 2 separate hospitals for a total of 19 days in the summer of 2014. The aftermath of this condition left me with no balance and acute Peripheral Neuropathy. After getting out of the hospital I noticed an ad in the Staten Island Advance about treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy and decided to make an appointment not realizing that this was the same doctor Liz had previously recommended. Upon my first visit, I was welcomed by the wonderful Maria who made me feel at home. She was not just an office manager but Dr. Steve's right-hand woman running back from patient to phone and making it all seem so easy. However a few weeks into my treatment Dr. Steve hired the lovely Andrea who proved a welcomed addition to the staff. Dr. Steve met with me and devised a treatment plan exclusive to my condition. His positive attitude and immense knowledge made me feel confident that I was on the road to recovery. The atmosphere while professional is driven by Dr. Steve's sense of humor and goodwill. My road to recovery although slow is progressing with Dr. Steve's help and the positive energy generated by the office staff. I highly recommend a visit with Dr. Steve. One visit with him will convince you to start your personal road to recovery."

- Mary G.

"For as long as I can remember I have suffered from back problems. I went to countless doctors to diagnose and hopefully find a solution to my problems. I found out that I had a hereditary condition called Spondylolisthesis. Along with that, I later discovered that I had a degenerative spine condition. Being the type of person that wants to live the best quality of life I possibly could, I tried everything I could to find a solution to my problem. After years of pharmaceutical drugs, physical therapy, and various other treatments, including that of other chiropractors, I was left feeling worse. After seeing where my future was headed from watching one of my older relatives suffer from the same condition, I refused to give up hope. I eventually found Dr. Steve Guagliardo. This man is a genius. He not only discovered a chiropractic method specifically designed for people with Spondylolisthesis, but he has also been treating my degenerative spine condition and discovered a series of other problems with my back and neck. Dr. Guagliardo's methods have been painless and highly effective at treating all of my conditions. After only the first few visits I started feeling much better. Today, I feel like a completely different person. I highly recommend Dr. Guagliardo and stress that you at least visit his office for a consultation."

- Robert M.

"Dr. G. is very knowledgeable and intuitive chiropractic. He has helped me tremendously with my lower back and spinal issues. I never hesitate to recommend him to family and friends."

- Karlus T.

"I was referred to Dr. Steve by a family member. I injured my back and was told that I would need surgery by a specialist. I was not at all ready to undergo surgery, so I was looking for some other form of relief. Surgery was not an option at this time as I was getting married in a few months and was not about to jeopardize my wedding day. I was going to PT and it was good but wasn’t giving me the relief that I needed. I decided to call Dr. Steve and thank God I did. I have been under his care for two months now. When I first came into his office I could barely walk, I couldn’t stand up straight, and be in unbearable pain. During my first visit with Dr. Steve, he examined me and sent me for an X-ray. He showed me where the problem was and told me not to worry “I can help you and you WILL NOT NEED SURGERY”. I had an extruded disc which was causing severe sciatica. Well, after two months of treatment by him I am up and walking. and back at work. As he promised I did not have surgery, and I am walking down the aisle at my wedding. My disc pain is being managed and in addition, his treatment has helped with my snoring and is improving my posture. Dr. Steve’s professional ability and knowledge of his craft are outstanding. He has the ability with one look at you to know exactly what he needs to adjust. Every patient has a custom treatment plan, "no cookie cutter treatment plan”. He is honest and straightforward. He is willing to try to help anyone. If he can help you he will. If your condition is so severe that he cannot help you he will tell you that he is unable to help with your condition. You will not be strung along with false hope. Dr. Steve is phenomenal, But as the saying goes every good man………..Well, he has two great women Maria and Andrea. They are both courteous and professional. They are the oil in the operation that makes your visit go smoothly. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Steve. Again, If he can help you, he will."

- Brian G.

"Dr. Steve has been a great help to me in my life with pain and fatigue. Over the years besides having back pain I've had nutrition concerns also. Dr. Steve was able to address all my physical conditions. I met Dr. Steve eight years ago and he became a friend of mine which led him to come to my wedding four years later. When I thought life was going off the track he got me back on track. I would recommend Dr. Steve to friends and family and I have."

- John T.

"I came just for a pain in my elbow. Dr. Steve has been blessed with much more than being a Chiropractor. Aside from his practice, he takes the time to really get to the core of your pain, problem, and health. in a full year that I have been his patient, I am more than satisfied with the outcome of my health and progress. Also, that it has been in a homeopathic way."

- Adriana V.

"Upon my first visit under Dr. Steven Guagliardo’s care, I had an inclination of confidence and felt I was in good hands since my mother was also a patient and I received encouraging feedback from him. I was experiencing severe muscle cramps in my right thigh descending down to the sole of my foot, and had difficulty walking and being mobile; simply placing my foot on the pavement became a challenge in itself! After subsequent visits, I began to notice progress and a decrease in cramping pain. Within four months, I was “cramp-free” and able to be mobile again. Doctor Steve is not solely a doctor, he is also a pal: he is amicable and approachable to be with and has a great sense of humor! The Doctor and Staff have more of a family practice approach than solely as a patient and business manner. I am quite impressed and fortunate, since where can one find peace of mind, amicability, humor, and RESULTS in a visit? Answer: Dr. Steven Guagliardo and Staff! Keep up the superb job!"

- Carmelo C.

"Doctor Steven Guagliardo, aka Dr. Steve, is a great person and an outstanding chiropractor. During my first visit, I was confident that he would understand my medical needs. He also gave me a sense of hope after visiting one physician after another. With no success in sight and incorrect diagnoses; in a matter of six months, I was practically immobile: severe back pain descending to my hips and knees. My illness subsequently obliged me to take a leave of absence from my employment. I was frightened and had a sense of uncertainness, however, this began to turn and I saw the horizon under his care. Dr. Guagliardo was determined and we worked side by side, and I noticed a significant improvement after one month. I reminisce, after being under his care for two years, I am better than ever! I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Steven Guagliardo and his Staff. YOU collectively gave me my mobility back!"

- Josephine G.

"My family and I have been patients of Dr. Steve since 1996. Dr. Steve has helped alleviate severe neck pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and various pain-related issues. He has incorporated a variety of methods such as massage, decompression, and manual alignment. We would highly recommend Dr. Steve for all chiropractic needs!"

- Anne N.

"There are no words that I can say how much I appreciate all Dr. Steve has done for me. I have been seeing him for a little over a year now. When I first went to see him I was walking with a cane and couldn't move my right arm more than 30 degrees. I now have full use of my arm and walk without a cane. Dr. Steve doesn't just care about you as a client but as a person. I now can sleep all night without waking up in pain. Most amazingly is that I have a rare blood disorder getting weekly treatments for about 5 years. Since I have been seeing Dr. Steve my body handles the treatments better I have fewer side effects and my numbers have been staying up. My doctors don't understand why this change has taken place, I know it is because of the treatments I receive in Dr. Steve's office. I now have my life back THANK YOU DR. STEVE."

- Elizabeth D.

"Wow, where do I begin? I and my family have been going to Dr. Steve since he first opened. He is by far the best chiropractor on the island! I have been to other chiropractors but none of them can compare to him! I will never go to any other chiropractor again. I have a very physical job that beats me up. I come to Dr. Steve and he puts me back together again whether it's my neck, my back hip, or anything else he takes care of the problem. He also is a good friend with a great personality and has a lot of knowledge about nutrition too. I have high regard for Maria who always gives me a warm greeting when I come in and is very efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Steve to anyone that wants the very best chiropractic care!"

- Allen A.

"I started going to Dr. Steve when I was 13 years old and through the years of athletic participation, stresses at school and work and everything in between, Dr. Steve's adjustments would always keep me operating at my best. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Steve has always strived to stay at the forefront of his practice, and the results I feel speak for themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Steve to anyone wanting to feel the best possible, not necessarily only if there is an ailment."

- Claudia K.

"I found out about Dr. Steve from the yoga studio next door. I could not lift any weight over my head. My arm hurt in bed if it was not kept along the side of my body. This went on for months. I went to a doctor. I heard about cortisone shots, potential surgery, and all negative talk. I went to Dr. Steve. He sent me for an x-ray, did a consult, and explained to me what we could do. I bought a package of visits. I never believed in chiropractics. I thought it was just getting your "back cracked". I was 100% wrong. After a dozen or so visits, I swear I was healed. I can lift weights with no problem. I do not remember which shoulder it was. (It was my left). I also had patella tendinitis that I had suffered with for years in my right knee. I used to take Aleve (naproxen) Dr. Steve used light pulses from some fancy machine. I thought this cannot work. Maria would say, "Don't look at the light!", like my eyes would melt. After a dozen or so visits, the same results. No knee pain. No pills. He also does nutrition. He has me on some liquids and pills that are lowering my cholesterol as we speak. I can feel my LDL numbers going down and my HDL numbers going up. This is obviously an exaggeration, but you can see where I am going with this, right? I would recommend Dr. Steve to anyone looking for pain relief, diet issues, or an adjustment. The man cares about the health and is always going away to seminars to learn new things. I am glad to know him and consider him a friend. Do not be put off by waiting in the office for your turn. I was definitely bothered the first few times going, but you have to realize that there's a reason for this. The man knows what he's doing. Maria?? You cannot ignore Maria. She runs that office. Always pleasant with a smile on her face. I WAS NOT PAID FOR THIS ENDORSEMENT."

- Rick D.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Steve Steven Guagliardo's for approximately 15 years. I truly believe that Dr. Steve is a lifesaver! I have suffered from migraine headaches and thanks to Dr. Steve, they are gone. A few months ago I started getting a burning sensation in my knee and thus, Dr. Steve used a laser machine on my knee, to help with my pain. It's been about 4 or 5 treatments and I am amazed that my knee no longer hurts me. If anyone is experiencing pain that causes great discomfort, they should definitely make an appointment with Dr. Steve Guagliardo today! Thank you."

- Phyllis R.

"Walked into Dr. Steve's office in February of 2012 a chronic insomniac with frequent cystic acne and sleep apnea, not to mention a slew of CNS and back pain issues from years of athletic competition and weight lifting. I never took a steroid or pain killer but I knew there was something wrong when I began to average only 1-2 hours of sleep per night over the course of a few weeks in January of 2012. That was a pattern that was off and on for about 6 years but my breaking point had finally been reached. I had seen a plethora of doctors who deemed, through traditional diagnostics evaluations and blood work, that I was "healthy" and that most of my issues were related to stress or "in my mind". I didn't have peace of mind with those reports and needed a better answer. I was tired of doctors treating my symptoms with prescription medication, which half the time didn't work. They were throwing band-aids on a larger issue but wouldn't or couldn't take the time to help me figure out what was wrong. A mutual friend who was, and still is, a patient of Dr. Steve begged me to give him a call and see what he had to say. I took him up on his advice and made my initial consultation. I will never forget how our first meeting ended. He said to me with 10000% conviction: "I can and WILL help you". I have never looked back since! The first few weeks of adjustments were a shock to my body because I was in the healing stage, which for me was the first time I began to see my body for what it really was... a mess. With his nutritional guidance and his alternative medical approaches, I was able to start breathing better within a few weeks and by the summer I was no longer dealing with sleep apnea. My cystic acne began to clear up and by mid-July (2012) my skin was consistently cyst free! The most significant change was my sleep and not just getting to sleep, but being able to stay asleep. By the spring of 2012, I was averaging 4 hours a night (double what I was getting before Dr. Steve), and on some nights it went to over 6 hours!! Moving forward to 2014, I am happy to say that I am now getting almost a full night of sleep and my skin has remained consistently good. In addition to those benefits through his nutritional and alternative medical practices, I am now free of the burden of anxiety and stress that was plaguing me for so many years and remain a loyal patient of Dr. Steve. More importantly than being a patient I now consider him a friend. He was the first doctor that showed he cared about my overall well-being and not my wallet. The fact that he has patients who have been with him for over 19 years says a lot about Dr. Steve as a medical professional and as a man! I am proud to give him my highest recommendation and hope that anybody out there who has or is struggling with pain, anxiety, nutritional deficiencies, insomnia, acne, or even cancer...Yes cancer, please give him a shot. He changed my life for the better and know he can and WILL do the same for you."

- Anthony D.

"I was diagnosed with non-diabetic neuropathy about 4 years ago along with suffering from terrible pain from my two knees that are both bone on the bone along with my right hip that is also bone on bone. I was in desperate need of help so I decided to make an appointment with a pain management office. Long story short I walked into pain management and after 4 visits of receiving steroid shots, I wound up in a motorized scooter and could no longer walk. I was so upset and couldn’t believe that I wound up in a worse case than I originally was. I was at my wit's end with chronic pain and I didn’t know where to turn until I saw an advertisement on Facebook for neuropathy treatment here on Staten Island. After filling out the various forms, I then received a phone call from Dr. Steve Guagliardo’s office and made an appointment to meet with the doctor. At first, when I saw he was a chiropractor, I was confused as to how he was going to help me with my neuropathy but after speaking with office manager Maria, she assured me that Dr. Steve would be able to help me with my issue. After my first appointment with Dr. Steve, I immediately felt very comfortable with him and felt that he was extremely knowledgeable, more so than other doctors I’ve seen in the past. He knew right away what my problems were and told me his goal was to get me to walk again. Sure enough, after 2 months of treatment with Dr. Steve, I started walking! I’m now able to stand much longer than before and the pain has subsided immensely. I’m able to get up faster now than ever before. I feel stronger and stronger with every day that passes. I’m also much happier than I’ve been in a long time. I was always depressed from being in chronic pain all of the time. I was originally taking 3 pain pills a day and I’m currently only taking 1 with the goal to eventually stop all meds altogether. Dr. Steve has also given me a variety of supplements that I now take on a daily basis and I already feel and see a difference in my overall health. I highly recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Steve if you are suffering from chronic pain. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a true passion for helping people get their health back. I truly look forward to coming for treatment each week and enjoy being a part of the family here at Staten Island Wellness Care."

- C. Gargiulo

"My experience with Dr. Steve and his wonderful staff has been life-changing...when I first started a little over two months ago I was constantly in pain due to a surgery I had on my right knee. I was in terrible pain after even the most moderate exercise and walking even as little as ten blocks was an issue for me...from the moment I sat down for a consultation he was there to answer any and all questions I had...he is really one of the most knowledgeable Dr's I have ever spoken terms of both the body and nutrition...and I have spoken to my share after having knee surgeries on both knees at just 33 years old...this man tells the truth! …and that is hard to find...he personally tailored a rehabilitation program for me along with a diet plan...I was unable to exercise much because I was extremely overweight and in pain but he had a life-altering conversation with me...he let me know that if I was willing to make some tough but realistic changes to my diet and follow his advice along with his rehabilitation program and take the supplements he suggested that I could once again feel good and get my life back...two months later and with his help I am proud to say that I have lost over sixty pounds and I can't even remember the last time I had significant knee pain!...if you or a loved one you know are in pain and are tired of feeling like a number when you go to see a doctor I implore you to go see Dr. Steve and his wonderful staff he is always quick to give free advice and it is evident to me that he and the entire staff truly love what they do and care a great deal for their patients... if you're tired of prescription medications and unnecessary surgeries like I was...go and get your life back!... I did and if I can do it anyone can!"

- G. Torres

"I was referred to Dr. Steve's office after falling down metal outdoor stairs in severe pain. I am not a pill popper and hadn't found a chiropractor since moving to the island. Well, I did not have to pop pain pills or any other for pain.. Dr. Steve moved me from machine to machine and within days I was able to stand up straight. I continue to have relapses and each time I walk out of his office feeling better. However, my family goes to Dr. Steve weekly, too as a proactive approach to health including my children ages 8 and 10. When Dr. Steve's approach expanded to include nutrition I began seeing him for that as well. I have a gluten allergy and he has helped me tremendously to address the real problem behind the symptoms to reduce and eliminate any symptoms. Dr. Steve actually LISTENS to my concerns regarding my health I do not feel like he is just hearing my words. He listens and understands and addresses my issues with me. We look forward to our weekly visits to see Dr. Steve and our bodies do, too. If you have been trying to get another Dr. to listen to you and you feel ignored come to his office and share your concerns. Dr. Steve will listen and help the best way he can or find a way."

- A. De la Cruz

"We have been going to Dr. Steve for about 3 years and we're so lucky to find him! My husband Frank was in so much pain and for the past 20 years, he has been suffering with his lower back. He used to go to the chiropractor in Brooklyn when we lived there for a few years but there was no change in his pain. So when we moved to Staten Island, my husband still insisted on going to his same Dr. in Brooklyn, I also went with him cause I needed neck and back adjustments. I realized that he did the same routines on both of us over and over. I decided that his routines were not helping at all, so still new to living in S.I., I decided to look for a Chiropractor close to our house and I found Dr. Steve. What a big difference! Dr. Steve is a lifesaver! The adjustments he used on my husband helped him in no time. Dr. Steve uses all these different techniques, lasers, and machines and he changes the routine to suit the area. We are so happy that he is now our family chiropractor, and I recommend him to anybody with any problems at all. I suffer from neck pain, and scoliosis and I feel such a difference. Not only does he help with physical pain but the treatment you get helps mentally too. Dr. Steve is a blessing, he listens, cares, and will try anything and everything for you to be healthy and pain-free. He even helped to treat my vertigo, which is something I never thought possible! So, Dr. Steve does not only relieve back problems, he can help you with any other health issues you face. We're so thankful for all that he does. He's not only the best chiropractor I know, but he is also a good friend to my husband and me. You can always count on him to give you the best quality care. He'll never give up on making you as comfortable as possible. One more thing, he's not a bad-looking doc either! Thank you, Dr. Steve."

- Cathy & Frank

"I want to thank Dr. Steven Guagliardo, (aka Dr. Steve) for living up to the expectations of what anyone would expect of fine chiropractic care. Excellency begins when you meet him and his wonderful staff. The staff is kind, considerate, informative, and patient as you express your health concerns. Dr. Steve's professional and kind demeanor is an encouragement from the very beginning as he strategizes an individualized plan of care. He instilled hope in me and was able to facilitate healing nothing short of miraculous. I want to encourage all who read this review to take any and all concerns to doctor Steve and allow him to work his magic on you."

- Donna

"First of all, 5 stars is a joke. Should be 5,000 stars for this man. I was referred to Dr. Steve by a family member back in December of 2005. My problem at the time was severe pain in my right shoulder keeping me up at night and numbness going down my right arm with tingling in the fingers. I figured I'm head for the "under the knife" road if this didn't work out. When I first met with Dr. Steve, it was his firm handshake and look in the eyes along with his remarks that I can fix your problem that convinced me I can trust this man. My treatments began with 3 visits a week for 5 months at which time the pain was completely gone. I can honestly say I knew from that first-hand shake this moment would come. Hard to believe almost 10 years have passed and I maintain my adjustment visits as needed. Dr. Steve is the only doctor I know who has extreme knowledge of his profession and one other thing that other doctors do not have. A caring heart for each and every patient he treats. I can guarantee you, you'll notice that right away. PS. Haven't been "under the knife" yet. Thank You, Dr. Steve."

- George

"I had carpal tunnel surgery performed by laparoscopic method several years ago. I also have slight neuropathy in the fingers of both hands (and my feet). Post-surgery, I was left in excruciating pain. My surgeon's advice to me was to "go home and take 2 Aleve." He didn't have a clue about the incredibly high scale of my pain. (As a breast cancer survivor who endured surgery and chemo and radiation treatments, I really have a very high tolerance for pain.) However, my hand and finger pain was unbearable. Each day, I literally cried the painful hours away. I tried acupuncture for several months with no real results. Friends now suggested I try Pain Management, which we all know involves narcotic drugs. I gave this treatment a try but even the prescribed drugs were not working for me and my horrendous pain and crying continued. One day, my husband found the full-page ad about Dr. Steve which appeared in the newspaper. We decided to make this my last chance at a normal lifestyle. I started with cold laser therapy and am now being treated by the Magna-Pro. After 18 months with Dr. Steve, my pain level dropped from a 10+ to a 4-5. My Pain Management drug usage dropped to a fraction of the dosage! I was also able to completely stop the Oxycodone! I am now also able to experience some feeling in my toes. Dr. Steve has been aligning my body so I no longer "hunch" forward when I walk or sit. Dr. Steve has helped me to stand so straight that I actually had to heighten my cane 2 notches to accommodate my new body position! Needless to say, I am still being treated by Dr. Steve. I hope that someday my scale of pain will go below the 4's."

- Linda Ann

"I have been a patient of DR. Steve Guagliardo's for approximately 19 years. When I first started going to Dr. Steve I had severe lower back pain. The first thing Dr. Steve did was take x-rays of my lower back which indicated that one of my lower discs had severely degenerated to the point that you could barely see it on the x-ray. Dr. Steve stated to me that I needed regular chiropractic adjustments to correct the problem. After a few months of adjustments, I started to notice my pain level drop by a significant amount. I had much more flexibility in my lower back. Approximately one year after starting treatment Dr. Steve took new x-rays of my lower back which indicated that the injured disc had regenerated to the point you could see it clearly on the x-ray. After looking at the before and after treatment x-rays it was crystal clear that chiropractic adjustments work. Dr Steve is truly very good at his profession and I would highly recommend him."

- Mike


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